An AI based Nasal Spray to protect humans from the COVID Close Now

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An AI based Nasal Spray to protect humans from the COVID and other common colds.

David Baker, a well-known researcher, developed a nasal spray that can be used to prevent an individual from being infected with COVID-19. This spray was formulated at the University of Washington in Institute for Protein Design to resist virus entrance into human blood cells and activate the immune system.

The research team also conducted testing of nasal spray on mice to ensure safe and effective results for humans, and they got positive results in mice. This achievement can be a pathway provider for its primary goal of developing an antivirus cocktail that will protect from the most prevalent respiratory viruses like flu and colds.

Baker’s nasal spray doesn’t work like a vaccine as it contains proteins that stick to the virus parts used for entering into human cells and making them inactive. For the approval of the commercial availability of spray, it needs various clinical trials and a business model, which takes years.

Baker’s is introducing AI in the medical field. Researchers can use an AI engine like DALL-E, the image-generator, to suggest protein designs that combat rhinovirus, COVID-19 virus, MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and flu. With the help of these suggested protein designs will be produced and used in nasal spray.

Researchers claim that engineered proteins are more stable than naturally occurring, deal with particular challenges, don’t decay before reaching the nose, and are powerful and efficient.