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Amsterdam Parking Garage Underwater in 2023

We have seen many standard parking garages, but building an underwater garage is what we can do with construction technology.

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands and the most populous city, built an underwater bicycle garage, whose construction began in 2019. It takes four years to complete this structure with a $65 million cost. The garage is situated underneath the city’s Centraal Station, where every day, about 200,000 travellers come by train and subway. Most of them have bicycles.

This city emphasizes eco-friendly transportation, so according to research, Amsterdam is the 5th bike-friendly city in the world. On January 26, 2023, it launched the world’s most beautiful underwater parking deck, offering 7,000 bike spaces for the public.
This garage will be expanded by February 15, 2023, to accommodate more than 11,000 bikes. As currently, this project fits 6,300 personal bikes and 700 shareable bikes.

Also, the residents of Amsterdam city can use shareable bikes to travel from public transportation hubs into the town until June.
This garage doesn’t charge for the first 24 hours of parking; it charges €1.35 per day.

The Netherlands is moving towards a future with less use of personal transportation and more use of public transport.
This city is building garages to keep roadways free of parked bicycles.