Amazon’s Palm-Based Payments Close Now

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Amazon’s Palm-Based Payments Expand to Whole Foods Store in 2023

Amazon’s One Palm recognition technology is set to revolutionize how we pay for groceries. By the end of the year, the company intends to introduce this technology to every Whole Foods Market location in the US.

With this technology, as long as you’ve signed up online, you can simply hover your palm over a reader to make payments or enjoy your Prime perks without needing your phone or wallet.

Currently available in over 200 stores in states like California, New York, and Texas, this expansion will extend to more than 500 shops and some third-party locations.

For instance, you can purchase beer at the Colorado Rockies’ stadium or breakfast at a Panera Cafe using this technology.

What sets Amazon One apart is its advantage over traditional tap-to-pay and contactless systems that still require physical items. It uses palm recognition and vein scanning, creating a unique “signature” that can’t be easily copied.

It makes it useful for verifying age in alcohol sales and adds an extra layer of security.

However, Amazon One has faced criticism over privacy and human rights concerns. Activists have called for its removal from certain venues, fearing governments could use the data collected to track individuals, particularly protesters and marginalized people. There are also worries about potential data breaches by hackers.

Amazon is already facing legal challenges over its data collection practices. A class-action lawsuit alleges the company violated New York City law by not informing Go store shoppers about collecting biometric data, including palm scans.

While Amazon claims users consent to data collection, it remains uncertain if this is enough to comply with relevant legislation.