Amazon is launching Buy with Prime For US retailers Close Now

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Amazon  Buy with Prime, pulling other US retailers into its free shipping service



Amazon is expanding the accessibility to it’s “Buy through Prime” button. Beginning on January 31 on January 31, more online stores across the US will begin offering the advantages of the Prime subscription, including free shipping and next-day delivery on their websites.

Of course, those who want to utilize the feature must purchase an Amazon Prime membership which increased by $119 up to $139 annually in February. The primary difference between placing an order through Amazon and buying through Buy with Prime is that you won’t be able to track your purchases on and you’ll be required to click the link included in your order confirmation email to learn more regarding the status of your order.

If you choose to make use of Buy with Prime Buy with Prime button, it’s important to note the fact that Amazon will keep track of information about your interactions through it, even though the third-party website itself does not. This includes the contact details to your account, your order information, as well as the frequency at which you make use of (or decide to stop using) all orders that you make using that Buy with Prime button. Amazon holds information about sellers that use Buy with Prime as well with their descriptions of their products as well as inventory and pricing information.