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AI-Powered Grammarly Can Perform More Than Proofreading

Grammarly is a reliable and widely used tool by writers for several purposes. It comes in paid and unpaid versions to provide comprehensive auto-composition services.

Unsurprisingly, Grammarly announced today of entering into the AI war. It will enable the AI proofreading software to keep up with the numerous businesses integrating the ChatGPT API (or other generative AI) into their products.

GrammarlyGo can adapt its strategy according to the context of your writing, such as voice, style, and purpose.

For example, it can generate email responses, rewrite short-length content, rework them for clarity and tone, or you can do all in one click prompt while sticking to the tone and context provided by the organization.

However, Grammarly’s desktop version of auto-generating composition can be more convenient and practical than competitors like Notion or Gmail’s Smart Compose because of its text pop-up on your computer rather than requiring you to visit any website or app.

Individual businesses’ productivity drains out due to poor communication and writing skills. Therefore, Grammarly will assist them by generating quick and relevant text according to their context and purpose.

Grammarly will have all these services at no extra charges, which will begin to roll out in April 2023.