AI may replace 80% of human jobs

AI may replace 80% of human jobs Close Now

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AI may replace 80% of human jobs in ‘coming years,’ Expert Reported

A famous robot developer, cognitive scientist, and US-Brazilian researcher Ben Goertzel is the CEO of SingularityNET, a research organization to develop “Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)” — artificial intelligence with human cognitive capacities.

He stated that AI might eventually replace over 80% of human jobs in the next few years.

During an interview at the recent World’s largest technology conference, Web Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the AI expert Goertzel discussed AGI and its effects on jobs, how it compares to human intelligence and other topics. Not specifically with ChatGPT as a product but with new systems coming in a few years.

He added that I considered this situation beneficial rather than a threat because people can find more fulfilling activities than working for a living. Also, every paperwork-based job will be automatable.

This issue is in the transitional time when AIs gradually replace one human job after another. I am unsure of how to address every social problem.

Responding to a question about who is smarter, Humans Vs. Robots, He said, “Machines can make significant advancements beyond their programming and training if we want them to truly match human intelligence and to be as agile in dealing with the unknown. But we haven’t reached this point yet.

However, there are more reasons to suppose that we have years rather than decades before we arrive.