AI Industry Leaders Concerned: “Risk of Extinction” Close Now

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AI Industry Leaders Concerned: “Risk of Extinction” from AI

Leading figures in the AI industry, including Elon Musk, have expressed concerns about the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI).

Recently, a group of influential industry leaders released a concise statement reinforcing those concerns. The statement was posted on the Center for AI Safety website and featured signatures from notable individuals such as Sam Altman, Chief Executive of OpenAI and Demis Hassabis, Head of Google DeepMind.

Geoffrey Hinton, Yoshua Bengio, and other renowned researchers support the statement. This is the second recent statement to be made; the first called for a six-month ban on AI development.

The letter highlights the rapid advancements in AI, raising concerns about the lack of understanding, predictability, and control over increasingly powerful AI systems. Although AI may not be self-aware, it still poses risks, including deep fakes, automated disinformation, and job displacement in the media and other industries.

Recently, US President Joe Biden addressed the possible risks posed by AI, highlighting the need for IT businesses to guarantee the security of their products before deployment for public use.

Recently a meeting was called at the White House on AI regulation due to the associated risks, to which Sam Altman was also invited.

The statement’s preamble states that the public, governments, journalists, and AI specialists collaborate to address the wide range of threats posed by advanced AI.

The concise statement aims to facilitate discussion and raise awareness among experts and public figures who share concerns about the severe risks of advanced AI.