AI Can Decode Your Passwords Stay Alert Close Now

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AI Can Decode Your Passwords Stay Alert

In the past few months, the usage and importance of AI have been so elevated, although it was always present in the background. But the main reason is the arrival of ChatGPT and other AI technologies that brought it into the mainstream.

Security professionals have issued warnings regarding the usage of AI and the reasons it may pose a cybersecurity threat. According to a recent study, AI enables the easy and quick cracking of passwords. Your no personal information is secured now.

A Home Security Heroes firm study was conducted on a list of 15,680,000 passwords using an AI password cracker called PassGAN.

The results were shocking as they found that AI can quickly hack nearly 51% of all common passwords. Additionally, 81% of passwords took less than a month to crack, compared to 65% of common passwords, which took less than an hour.

They also enlighten us about what types of passwords are safe and how we can create a safer password.

They mention that passwords with more than 18 characters often resist AI password crackers because it takes PassGAN at least 10 months to break passwords with only numbers. Also, passwords, including symbols, numbers, lowercase letters, and upper-case letters, might take 6 quintillion (one quintillion equals 1018) years to crack.

The firm also lists some tips for creating a strong password, including using at least 15 characters that contain a mix of symbols, numbers, and at least two letters (upper and lowercase).

Also, avoid obvious password patterns even if they contain all the above given required character lengths and types.