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AI Based Model for precise rainfall prediction

Precise prediction of rainfall is a significant and big challenge in environmental research as various meteorological factors and conditions influence rainfall.

 To predict precise rainfall, on 3rd February, the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) inaugurated the Raindrop Research Facility (RRF). This facility will help to understand climate change better by precise prediction of rainfall with the help of simulating meteorological conditions from the clouds to the ground.

The lead researcher at RRF states that “the major hurdle in rainfall modeling is lack of fundamental knowledge on the microphysical processes like phase change of atmospheric conditions, coalescence, etc.”

The IITH facility created a new experiment by which atmospheric conditions can be maintained, like temperature can be adjusted from 10-40 degrees Celsius and humidity can be adjusted from zero to saturation. These will help determine the exact shape and quantity of rainfall distributions over different altitudes; this methodology will work better than others.

The institute developed a machine learning model using a digital holography approach for 3D capturing raindrops with high spatial resolution. These high-resolution 3D images and experimental data will help to predict precise rainfall forecasts.

This AI-based Model can provide a lot of information about weather forecasting for India and worldwide, particularly rainfall forecasting.