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AI-Based ChatBOT a dating advice tool in 2023

Technology enables us to meet and greet different people on social media. But now artificial intelligence is also approaching.
An AI generative tool, ChatGPT a popular on social media for writing cover letters, coding and assessing tech business. Now ChatGPT is heading towards providing dating advice and tips. Like how to make your dating profile more attractive, when is the right time to propose to someone, and many more. A dating coach, Nobile, said AI couldn’t have all
the human qualities and emotions to handle a relationship aspect. However, ChatGPT’s more broad suggestions can be
helpful. Now we have an example of how ChatGPT responded to some relationship-related queries.

Am I a woman? How can I reach a man?

His response was to act confident and type an exciting and engaging message that showed his personality. Please comment or ask something related to his profile. It is important to respect his boundaries, and it is okay if someone isn’t interested in you.
Nobile said the advice of being confident and directive makes no sense because it looks like advice for an in-person meeting. Ask him about his favorite brunch place or podcast.


What pictures should be added to the dating profile?

ChatGPT advised you to have a mix of pictures according to your interest. Add some images with a smile, do some activities, group pictures with your social circle, and sights with nature. Avoid posting dark and blurry photos. Coach recommends adding pictures of your day-to-day life and adding full-length photos.