Acer Launched an AI-Powered e-bike Close Now

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Acer Launched an AI-Powered e-bike

Acer, the famous tech company primarily known as a computer hardware and electronics company, is now bringing an artificial intelligence-powered electric bike called ebii.

The newly launched e-bike has an AI Assistant called ebiiAssist that can “learn” a user’s bicycle riding style to provide “a more personalized experience.”

This function will adjust the “motor output to allow effortless riding based on” the user’s pedaling power and the road’s current condition. The ebiiGo companion app allows users to access all data gathered as user insights.

Riders can also check suggested routes, e-bike battery life, and riding speed from that app. The app also offers three ride modes: energy-efficient Eco Mode, Boost Mode with motor-speed-adjusting, and the intelligent balance mode mix of two.

The e-bike outer frame is made of solid and lightweight aluminum, weighing approximately 35 lbs. or 16 kg. Other features include an intelligent vehicle control box, a single 250 to 350 Watts motor with 48 Volts battery, and 40 Nm of torque.

It can reach up to the speed of 25 km/h and can cover 110km distance on a single battery charge, and it can recharge completely in roughly 2.5 hours. The unique thing is you can take out the battery and use it as a portable charger for other devices.

Considering safety first, it has an automatic LED lights system for high and low illumination at night time, and a Rear collision warning radar is housed under the seat to warn about the vehicles or other objects approaching quite close to the rider from behind.

You can also activate e-Lock, which will notify you by theft alert and track your e-bike’s location in case of missing. Till now, information has yet to be revealed about its launch date, price, and regions of availability.