A Spanish Startup Plans to Launch the Miura 1

A Spanish Startup Plans to Launch the Miura 1 Close Now

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A Spanish Startup Plans to Launch the Miura 1 from European Space Agency

The European Space Agency promotes the launch of commercial rockets into space with the goal of exploring outer space.

Therefore, a Spanish company named PLD Space, headquartered in Elche, intends to launch its first privately owned reusable rocket called Miura 1 from a Western European agency.

On March 11, the Miura 1 rocket was publicly presented at the launch base in Huelva. The rocket is scheduled to launch from Hueva later this year, but the exact date has not yet been announced.

while the pre-flight tests are already being carried out by PLD Space.

Miura 1 is a suborbital rocket developed in Europe that aims to serve two purposes: one is to facilitate research and technology development in microgravity, and the other is to deliver commercial payloads to and from space.

The micro-launcher has a 100kg cargo capacity, four payload chambers, with a standard flight duration of 12 minutes and reach a maximum altitude of 150 kilometers during suborbital flight.

It can stay in microgravity for three to four minutes, and it takes four hours to return to Earth with its payload. The startup claims that Miura 1 will complete four missions each year.

The expected launch will be a significant step in strengthening the country’s global position in space.