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A new Space Station with Artificial Gravity is under-development

The California private space company “Vast,” founded by Jed McCaleb, has bought a rocket engine launcher startup that aims to build a space station with artificial gravity larger in size than the International Space Station (ISS), which is scheduled to be decommissioned at the end of this decade.

The Vast’s mission of creating new space station details has yet to be fully revealed. However, according to the received information, it produces artificial gravity by the centrifugal force of a rotating module, and the space station will function in a low Earth orbit.

Also, the founder of Launcher startup, Max Hoat, said to achieve our space station vision requires many steps, and right now, we don’t want to reveal our first milestone details, including name, factor, form, functionality, or timeline, as we will soon announce it on correct time.

The CEO and founder of Vast states that the space station’s primary goal is to serve as a machine shop and research station.

Both companies, Vast and Launcher, deal to continue their previous production. Vast will continue to work on Launcher’s Orbiter, a transfer vehicle that directs satellites to their operational orbits. And the Vast will carry its E-2 staged combustion rocket engine while concentrating on developing more liquid rocket engine products.

According to internal resources, the execution of this mission is developing faster as Vast intends to launch Orbiter in June to test some of the space station’s components.