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A new chabot Is a ‘Code Red’ for Google’s Close Now

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A new chabot Is a ‘Code Red’ for Google’s Search business


A new generation of chat bots, such as ChatGPT make use of artificial intelligence and could revolutionize, or replace conventional internet search engine.

In the last three decades the introduction of a few items like Netscape’s Web browser as well as Google’s search engine Apple’s iPhone have truly shaken up the technology industry and made the products that came earlier look like grooving dinosaurs.

A few weeks ago, a new chatbot named ChatGPT proved as the most disruptive technology. It is able to present facts in concise, easy sentences, not just the list of web links. It is able to explain concepts in a way that people quickly comprehend. It is also able to generate concepts from scratch, like plans for business, christmas present suggestions, blog topics , and holiday plans.Although ChatGPT still has plenty of room to improve it’s release caused Google’s Management to announce the program a “code Red.” In the case of Google this was comparable to sounding the alarm. There are some who believe that the company could be nearing a point that is the most feared by Silicon Valley outfits dread -the onset of a major technological shift that could shake up the company.

Over the past 20 years over the past 20 years, over the past 20 years the Google Search engine for more than 20 years has been the primary access point into the world of internet. But with a brand new form chatbot technology set to replace or reinvent conventional search engines Google might be faced with the most serious threat to its primary business of search. One Google executive has described the initiative as the difference between success and failure for the future of Google.

ChatGPT was developed in the form of a highly-researched lab known as OpenAI which is run by OpenAI. Google is one of the other labs, businesses, and researchers who have contributed to develop this technology. However, experts think that the tech giant may be unable to keep up with the newer smaller firms that are developing chatbots due to the numerous ways in which the technology could harm its business.

Google has been researching chatbots, and, along with many other Big Tech companies, has been pursuing artificial intelligence technology with a fervor. Google has already developed chatbots that rival ChatGPT. Actually the technology behind ChatAI’s chatbot was invented by researchers from Google.

They could create a negative language, which includes hate speech.

All of this could make people turn to Google and damage the image it has been creating. As OpenAI has demonstrated, younger businesses may be more inclined to accept complaints to gain growth.

Even the event that Google improves its chatbots, it must address another problem is: Will this technology eat away at Google’s ad revenue? If chatbots are responding to queries in a concise manner there’s less reason for users to click ads.

“Google has an issue with its business model,” said Amr Awadallah who has worked at Yahoo as.