5 Premium Features for YouTube Close Now

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5 Premium Features for YouTube Premium Subscribers

YouTube brings five new features for premium subscribers, which may include background play and ad-free viewing.

The Google-owned company is adding more features, some of which will test immediately. As of now, YouTube has 80 million premium subscribers.

The first tool is ‘YouTube Queue,’ enabling users to choose the video they want to play next, giving them control over what they see. This feature is already available via the web and is now available on smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS.

Another is cross-platform or cross-device viewing, by which you can resume your left-off video while transitioning between different devices, including Android, iOS, and the web.

If you love game streaming or are a sports fan, you will surely love the enhanced iOS video quality with 1080 pixels HD video quality. This feature will roll out in the upcoming weeks.

The improved 1080 pixels video quality is far better than the existing 1080 pixels quality because of sharp, clear, and detailed motion.

This intelligent download feature will automatically download the suggested videos from the library randomly when the user’s device connects to Wi-Fi. The part is helpful when you forget to download something before boarding a lengthy flight.

The last one is ‘watch YouTube with friends’, enabling premium users to organize Google Meet sessions by which even unpaid YouTube users can watch videos together. This feature is made possible by Meet Live Sharing for Android smartphones and iOS user’s viva via SharePlay.