Beautiful thick hair makes you look handsome, confident, and beautiful. A hair transplant is the best way to look young while being old. Hair loss is widespread now. Everyone goes through it, but enough of looking bald and unattractive because we aren’t in the 90s anymore.

Being in the technological racing era is beneficial. Like other sectors, technology has evolved massively in the medical industry too. Repeatedly new experiments and advanced research through updated techniques became a significant source of hair transplant technology.

latest hair transplant technology

What Is A Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a surgical way that removes hair from the Donor side to the recipient’s site. It is to grow hair patterns on baldness. Since humans love to look great, having hair is necessary. Lately, stress, tension, or any other issue is becoming the primary cause of hair loss, making hair transplant worthy.

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Process of Hair Transplant

Surgical process

The hair transplant method includes tiny punch grafts from a Donor area cut into smaller pieces to use as grafts to the recipient area.

Tissue expansion

It is another method to treat transplant issues used mainly by plastic surgeons. It works through a device tucked under the donor site next to the recipient site, the device gradually inflates with salt water, and after a few weeks, the skin expands and grows new skin cells.

Scalp reduction

It is a surgery that pulls the donor area close to the recipient area. It is also called flap surgery. It is not beneficial for the coverage of the front hairline; it works with stitches so that you might feel pain occasionally.

Flap surgery

It is a process through which any type of tissue is carried from a Donor’s side to the recipient’s side with an intact blood supply. It has been working for more than 20 years with the latest developments.

Transplant with Technology

Following are a few significant achievements in hair transplantation through technology.

transplant technology

1. FUT Follicular Unit Transplantation in 2023

Follicular Unit transplantation’s latest technology includes the method of individual follicles implanted into bald areas after surgery of small incisions. It extracts linear tissue from the donor area to harvest single follicles for implantation.

2. FUE Follicular Unit Extraction in 2023

It is the same as FUT but includes better non-visible scarring results. FUE is more critical; it extracts hair follicles from the donor area. This extraction went way more popular than FUT. Along with this, recent developments in hair technology rely on FUE.

3. Sapphire FUE

Hair transplant surgeries usually work through Steel blades, but lately, sapphires have been used for incisions as they are more shapers, smoother, and more durable than a steel plate. It helps to recover quickly, and the implantations work more accurately with better results.

4. Direct Hair Implantation

Direct hair implantation is a pen process used to do hair surgery more accurately and effectively with less time. It is a significant improvement in the transplantation sector. The surgeon can directly implant the hair fossils in just one step as there is no before incision for implantation. It would give more natural results and quick recovery.

5. Robotic Hair Transplants

ARTAS is a hair transplant robot that performs the surgery of harvesting Follicles units from the donor area. It is one of the latest developments in hair transplant technology. The surgeons officially do the rest of the surgery, but for the grafting sector, ARTAS works effectively. One of the significant benefits of robotic hair transplant is the 3D modelling of a patient’s scalp which is helpful for operation and results for both patient and the surgeon. This method consumes less time.

6. Bio Enchantments

Bio enchantments include supplementary treatment for the improvements of grafts while performing hair transplant surgery. Bio enchantment supplements assist in planting hairs more effectively and quickly. For now, it mainly applies in high clinics in the US and UK.

7. NeoGraft Procedure

The least painful technique processed through suction is to pull out hair follicles by losing the scalp with a specific device from the donor side. This implantation processes with special tools, so the harvesting process ends quicker. This automated system helps the transplant surgery implantation and harvesting process on a big scale.

8. Stem Cell Hair Transplant

A stem cell hair transplant is a gripping technology with no pain. It works from patient tissue to create new cells in the lab, and then these hair follicle cells are implanted in your hair—these hair follicles come from stem cells in the lab. The Stem cell hair transplant process does not include grafts or harvesting, which means the process works on new healthy cells. However, the FUT does not approve stem cell hair transplants. It is the easiest way to get hair implantation without worrying about area donor size.

9. Artificial Hair Transplant

Artificial hair transplant is taking its roots through a stem cell system. It works on the lab-grown here follicles that would end the hair grafts harvesting system from the patient. It might be costly but worth it as it covers bald areas and looks more natural.

10. KE-Bot Mobile

KE-Bot mobile is the latest innovation in the hair transplant system kE-Bot mobile delivers essential data to the patient and surgeon to understand the surgery before implantation. It is a 360-detecting device demonstrating all the details about the hair and the scalp. Like hair Shaft, diameter and calibre, the density of the donor areas, donor capacity, coverage value, and the number of grafts from previous transplanting surgeries, which ends on the results showing details for the subsequent surgery like an exact number of the grafts to implant on the recipient area, the density of hair and transaction rate. The kE-Bot mobile is an excellent development in hair transplantation.

What’s stopping you from looking handsome all the time with great hair? Here is the latest technological update to get a hair transplant, forget worrying about hair flaws, and look perfect.

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