Google is a top-rated search engine and workmate. It has various products with unlimited features to assist humans and simplify tasks. Lately, Google has evolved dramatically. It has introduced many new technical developments for its users to be more efficient. 

Here is the latest google tech news for your assistance.

1. Google Fi Favors T-Mobile and Sprint

Google Fi introduced two networks, T-mobile and Sprint. This network works for speedy results; it lets users work with other networks if one runs slow. Later, both networks emerged as Google Fi launched a third network, Us Cellular. However, a few days ago, Google Fi removed users’ access to US cellular and confirmed it as no longer an official network. At the same time, subscribers can process it through roaming settings. For now, Google Fi is back on T-mobile, and Sprint calls it two networks, denying its single appearance. However, US Cellular will announce an official statement.

google fi favors t-mobile and sprint

2. Google Pixel Watch Update

Google has launched various products with advanced features. One of its latest updates in its pixel watch includes fall detection. earlier in 2018, Apple already introduced this feature to alert the user in case of any emergency. Similarly, a pixel watch can alert the user after 30 seconds of a fall or accident. Also, through various experiences, it has been proved that the pixel watch can detect natural accidents or faults. Since the user does not dismiss the Alert or swipe to I am okay, or I need help it will continue alarming louder in case of no response watch will automatically contact emergency services for the assistance of its ownerĺ.


3. Chrome Beta Innovation

Google works to innovate its policy and features every day to be more efficient for the people and its users. Lately, Google introduced some quick features for its users to zoom in on text images and videos. More specifically, this zoom feature can go up to 300% without changing the original format, as its access limits through Chrome beta. Only those users can access it who are downloading it from beta. Along with this, Google is working to advance its features like noise reduction, quick annotations with fingers on files and PDF, easier connection through Google meetings, and hosting a meeting with Limited access. The Chrome Beta is a more secure Browser with stability improvements and new features by Google.


4. eSIM Transfer By 2023

Google is working to innovate Android features. Recently at the Mobile World Congress, Google revealed a new plan for transferring the eSim function available to Android devices by the end of 2023. Some of its features are already introduced and launched in support of Android. Also, the current process to transfer eSim can let the user shift to a new phone while keeping the current plan without any physical Changing of SIM cards. Furthermore, the blog by Google mentioned that e-sim transmission functionality would rely on the world norm set by GSMA.


5. Google Knocking Off Robots

The increasing expenses for the companies were becoming the source to dismiss the humans from the workforce, but the Google Parent company alphabet fired 100 robots from its workforce recently. Those robots were supposed to clean the cafeteria, open the doors, separate trash and recycling, fix the chairs, and more. Furthermore, they are Android with various functional abilities for multiple works. Due to Extreme technological expenses, alphabet decided to shut this service down to utilize this technology in another department.


6. Now Locate Through Google Calendar

Lately, working hybrid is becoming common for companies and employees. In this regard, Google made a valuable change in its calendar. Now, google calendar can feature the location to schedule meetings. It will suggest the place you are already gone without typing. It is accessible to eligible account holders like Enterprises, formal education, fundamental centers, business standard, nonprofit users, and more. You must enable the working location feature on Google workspace calendar to share your employees’ and workers’ locations. Through this clever move, Google tries to be more productive and efficient in connecting the worlds and process development through Google.


7. Google Material Makeover 3

Google is working innovatively to advance its features as it announced the update in the parts of Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and slides. The material makeover three will reform its outlook and features. Google might upgrade these features in the upcoming weeks. Google is working smartly on Google workspace. The new smart chip showcased at the last cloud next event will also be available.

8. Gbord AI-Image

Another booming feature Google is introducing for Android users is AI text to the image. However, it is being processed and will soon be released to the public through Gboard. This AI feature lets users respond to the text with an AI image created through an AI tool. ChatGPT and Bing lead this advancement after its major hype. This AI image toolkit will probably work with shortcuts, stickers, and emojis to express expressions through images to its users. It is a significant AI feature developed in Gboard.


9. One Cloud Plan

Google has announced its one cloud plan pricing and subscriptions. Beforehand, Google was offering free 15gb storage with every Gmail account where you can upload your photos and files and store data. But if you want a backup, you might need more storage quickly. That is why Google is offering you a subscription to one cloud having storage of 5TB. It is divided into three plans. The basic, standard, and premium plans with different prices and storage. Google will keep the data until you renew the subscription. Limited sharing access will keep all your data in one place, including photos, media files, videos, and emails.


10. Apple-Google In Technical Relationship With India

India is advancing in the technology sector, attracting top-rated tech-producing companies, Google and Apple. In February, United States treasury secretary Janet Yellen presented her opinion about looking forward to working with India in the Technology Sector as Google and Apple enlarged their production. Likewise, the blog mentioned that partnership with Global infrastructure and investment would result in inclusive growth in India.


Bard Controversies

Since the launch of CHAT GPT, Google considered it a rival and introduced its chatbot, bard. It is a neutral network based on the main languages of AI models. Brad is an experimental tool delivering quick responses based on the latest research, but it failed and lost $100 bn on its very first test. Also, there is a significant race ongoing of artificial intelligence between Microsoft Bing, ChatGPT, and Google bard. Upcoming changes and updates are yet to be defined on it.

Google is processing and adapting daily to new technological changes around the globe. These were the latest technical updates connected with Google. Many more are on the way to innovate the virtual reality idea in the digital world.

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