Acer AI-Powered E-Bike Electric Bike Ebii

Acer AI-Powered E-Bike Electric Bike Ebii:The alarming climate change and rising carbon emissions move the world’s focus on eco-friendly electric transportation, starting from electric cars to electric rickshaws.

But this time, electric vehicles will be introduced with artificial intelligence power. like the Acer AI-powered E bike Electric Bike Ebii

The famous tech giant Acer, widely recognized as a computer accessories and electronics company, is now introducing an Acer AI Powered E-Bike Electric Bike called the Ebii.

The newly launched e-bike comes with an AI assistant named ebiiAssist that can “learn” a user’s riding style to offer “a more personalized experience.”

Stay tuned as we unbox the ground-breaking invention of Acer.

AI-Driven ‘Ebii’

Acer AI Powered E bike Electric Bike Ebii, a leading Taiwanese multinational company, has made waves in the cycling industry by launching its AI-powered electric bike, ebii.

With its state-of-the-art technology, this innovative e-bike features a camera, GPS, and other sensors that allow it to collect data about the rider’s movements and the bike’s performance.

Using the above data, its AI system provides real-time feedback to the rider, including information about their speed, power output, heart rate, and more. Furthermore, the e-bike’s built-in navigation system offers turn-by-turn directions and suggests alternative routes based on traffic conditions and other factors.

With automatic power adjustments to optimize battery life and ensure a smooth, comfortable ride, the Acer AI Powered E-Bike Ebii offers cyclists a high-tech solution to track their performance and receive real-time feedback while they ride.


Ebii Smart Functions Ebii Intelligent Control Box

The Acer AI Powered E-Bike Ebii has a modest, flexible design that integrates the control box and battery pack into a single piece. This innovative architecture allows easy charging, battery transportation, simple maintenance, and hassle-free upgrades. The sleek and efficient design enhances the overall functionality of the vehicle.

The bit has a high-performance motor with a strong single-sided fork design. The 250- to 350-watt motor operates on a 48-volt battery and delivers exceptional torque performance of 40 nm.

It enables you to ride at a speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour. The wheelset can also be configured as a front, center, or rear hub, depending on the rider’s preference and requirements.


Long-lasting and removable battery:

The Big comes with a durable and detachable battery, with which you can cover a 110-kilometer distance on a single battery charge, and it can recharge completely in roughly 2.5 hours thanks to AI-optimized power distribution.

The battery’s MPS Energy design ensures high integrity and provides enhanced protection and safety. Its dependability and security are ensured by rigorous testing and certification. The special feature is that the battery may be removed and used as a portable charger for other gadgets.

Through the ebiiGO app or the smart LED display on the handlebars, users can monitor the battery’s power supply. The display provides alerts and information, such as remaining travel time, ensuring a seamless riding experience.

Safe Riding with Security Features:

It includes an automatic LED light system and extra lighting under the vehicle control box for high and low illumination during nighttime rides because safety comes first.

Also, a rear collision warning radar sensor is housed under the bicycle seat, alerting the rider about approaching vehicles or other objects from behind. One can have peace of mind and improved travel planning offered by crash detection and e-bike health status updates.

Additionally, you may turn on e-Lock, which will send you a theft alert and locate your e-bike in case it goes missing.


Visionary, lightweight design:

TheAcer AI Powered E bike Electric Bike Ebii outer frame is made of a solid and lightweight aluminum alloy, which is optimized for stability and agility and weighs approximately 35 lbs. or 16 kg.

Smooth edges and a cool matte white finish give it a modern look. The semi-transparent headlight and centrally located LED display provide essential information for navigation.

Simple and Sustainable Maintenance:

The EBII airless tires consist of thick foam layers for a comfortable ride and eliminate the risk of flat tires.These tires, made from closed-loop recyclable materials, promote sustainability.

The Acer AI Powered E bike Electric Bike Ebii  rust-free carbon belt drive requires no lubrication, enhancing durability and ease of maintenance. The removable battery pack allows seamless battery swaps and upgrades without replacing the entire bike structure.


EBII Assistant for Adaptive Riding Experience

The Acer AI Powered E bike Assist function to deliver a personalized riding experience.

Leveraging AI technology, the AI-based assistant will adjust the “motor output to allow effortless riding based on. The user’s pedaling power, the road’s current condition, and their preferred assistance level.

The ebii’s AI capabilities extend to the ebiiGO companion app, which connects to the bike via Bluetooth. Thanks to the app, riders can access recommended routes, battery life data, riding speed data, auto-unlock settings, and more, enabling them to control their urban experiences.

The ebiiGo companion app collaborates with ebiiAssist to ensure riders never run out of power on the road. Further enhancing the riding experience. It comes up with three modes:

Energy-efficient Eco Mode for power savings; Boost Mode to adjust speed and motor output based on.  The distance from the destination and the current road conditions. Whereas, my ebii mode offers a smart balance between both. Riders can select the option that best meets their likes and needs using these modes.


Acer has revealed the pricing for its big electric bike, which launched in March. Starting in September, the e-bike will be available in Europe for €1,999. The company has not announced specific launch dates for other markets but anticipates expanding the bike to additional regions after its European launch.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Acer AI Powered E bike Electric Bike Ebii offers a cutting-edge riding experience through AI-driven technology. The bike intelligently adapts to various riding conditions.  The rider’s pedaling power and their preferred level of assistance ensure an optimized and personalized ride. The control box adjusts battery usage based on the distance to the destination. The users reach their intended locations without running out of power.

The debit’s swappable and fast-charging battery allows for extended rides. At the same time, its sleek design. It has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and environmentally friendly features like the rust-free carbon belt drive and airless. These flat-free tires contribute to easy maintenance and stylish aesthetics on the road.

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